Analysis. Advice. Orientation.

Bioenergetics is a health concept that takes a completely holistic and personalised approach to each individual client. Jürgen Lueger is able to choose from over 22 different systems for an in-depth analysis of various forms of energy disruption in the body. The next step involves a comprehensive counselling session to provide orientation and sketch out the subsequent joint course of action. In many cases Jürgen may also work closely with doctors from all relevant areas of medical expertise.

The goal

As a holistic health coach Jürgen Lueger believes his task is to help people achieve a better all-round state in order to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The whole process begins with a very exact analysis. When we know the ‘why’, the ‘how’ happens on its own. The analysis always forms the basis of well-founded counselling and optimally-suited orientation.

“The most satisfying confirmation of the value of my work is to see people feeling significantly better, both physically and mentally, simply by making small changes.”
– Jürgen Lueger