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The contents of this website are published solely for the purpose of providing information about Energy Medicine, which is attributed to the fields of Human Energetics and Alternative Medicine, and is not acknowledged by conventional medical science, since its effects have not been scientifically proven. A Human Energetics specialist provides help to an individual in order to achieve a sense of physiological or energetic balance. The effects and desired results of the methods and devices used are achieved by providing specific assistance to an individual in order to facilitate physical or energetic balance within the client. The methods and systems presented on this website do not serve the purpose of compiling diagnoses, implementing medical or naturopathic therapies or treatments, nor are they intended to replace the aforementioned. According to section §2 paragraph 2 of the Austrian Physicians’ Law, such activities may only be conducted by registered physicians. Hence, in no way shall a human energetics application replace the diagnosis and treatment given by a certified doctor.

It would be our pleasure to explain our energetics applications to you. Please send an inquiry to this effect to office@j-lueger.com

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