Jürgen Lueger

Jürgen Lueger is a certified Human Energetics specialist and a Kinesiologist. Alongside his practical activities, he also lectures at the Paracelsus School of Naturopathy in Freilassing, Germany. In 2015, he published his first book: ‘Do you still believe in Father Christmas? – The handbook for an improved sense of wellbeing’. As the developer of sophisticated Symbio Supplements and Symbio Harmonizer  Jürgen Lueger is continuously working to achieve holistic wellbeing for his clients.

In his childhood he suffered from chronic neurodermitis and only after a long period of various treatments prescribed by a number of different doctors was he eventually cured by alternative medicine. For Jürgen, this positive experience pointed the way to his later vocational development and to his calling to help others to achieve a greater degree of good health. He very consciously seeks comprehensive discourse with conventional physicians. Only by complementing a conventional diagnosis and course of treatment with bioenergetic treatment is it possible to guarantee a holistic approach.